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The man’s only a year younger than me and so when I saw his character with reading glasses, I watched him like a hawk. Yep. John knew exactly what he was doing with them. On/off, on/off, depending on what he was doing. Someone else has gotten on the reading glasses train.

It’s like smoking onscreen; if you’ve ever been a smoker, you know when someone’s faking it.

P.S. the show was great. Unsettling and mysterious. Didn’t show all its cards, didn’t hold too many back.

For those who watched one or two episodes and gave up, shame on you. Yes, you have to use your brain, but since when is that a bad thing? It’s not too late to get on the Intruders train. If you need an incentive, there are Simm tears. And he gets to shoot people. And there’s Simm kissing and Simm sex.

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